Family Life Center of Greene County, Indiana

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BackPack Bonanza!

How to Receive

Supplies for students of all ages who are living in Greene County.

FLC is committed to giving students an equal start in their school year.

Allowing students to select their backpack, their folders, pencils, plus other items gives them a sense of personal ownership.

BPB is held in a fair type environement: balloons, food, music, games and prizes.

BPB also used the "Magic Bus" to travel to the remote communities in Greene County.

BPB teams with other organizations, churches, ministries to reach the students which creates a partnership and a sense of community.

Students must live in Greene County.  School districts served: Eastern Greene, Bloomfield, White River Valley, Linton Stockton, Shakamak, Greene Educational Services, Turning Point Education, Early Head Start, Head Start, plus Private Christian schools, Homeschoolers, PreSchools and those seeking advice education for better employment.

2016: 141 students and partnering parents were served directly

Another 600 students were served thru their school supply rooms at the 5 school districts

How to Donate to BackPack Bonanza!

> Donate Supplies

Family Life Center accepts new school supplies year round.  New Back Packs, paper, pencils, pens, highlighter markers, wipe off markers, stick glue, white glue, pocket notebooks, 3 ring binders, pink erasers, pencil boxes, tissues, hand sanitizers, crayons, water color paints, flash drives 4 GB.

> Volunteers

Older students (age 13 and above) assist younger students in selecting their new school supplies, the older students develop a relationship with the younger students.  Students (age 8 and above) stock the shelves and racks.  Adults register students, network with the parents for purposes of health records, shoe sizes, clothes sizes.  Adults also set up the event and tear down the event.

  • To give students an equal start with new supplies
  • To give students dignity by having the necessary supplies, clothes, shoes
  • To give students a fun environment to receive these supplies
  • To encourage fun in education
  • To develop educational leaders in the volunteers
  • To develop school mentors with the older students to the younger students
  • To partner with the micro communities is assisting their student population 

Ministry Note: without knowledge our community perishes  
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