Family Life Center of Greene County, Indiana

Developing relationships that impact a community through supporting families.


Financial Assistance & Budgeting Classes

Families have the ability to receive financial assistance for housing, utility bills, gas to doctor appointments for their children and prescription costs.

The family should be able to accomplish 4 things:
  1. make an effort to partially pay their bill
  2. network with other agencies, organizations or family members for assistance
  3. make restitution with Family Life Center through service to the ministry for every $10.00 given towards a bill 1 hour of service is required
  4. budgeting sessions will be given to those receiving assistance

By accomplishing these things a family will develop a relationship with other organizations and with individuals within the  ministry.
They will also develop a sense of accomplishment.  They will be 'working' for their money.

Service Outreach: 8 families a month