Family Life Center of Greene County, Indiana

Developing relationships that impact a community through supporting families.


Free Store

Serving a 25 mile radius from Bloomfield, includes all of Greene County, edges of Monroe, Owen, Clay, Vigo, Sullivan, Knox, Martin and Lawrence counties.

How to Receive Free Items

Anyone living in a 25 mile radius is eligible to receive items.  Families are permitted to "shop" once a month.  
Families can take as much as they can carry in one trip to their vehicle.

2093 West State Road 54, Bloomfield, IN 47424 812.384.1639
Hours: Monday through Friday: 9:00am 4:00pm

Ministry Note: A command to serve people with dignity. 

Free Store 2016: 5215 families accrued, 434 monthly

Food Pantry 2016: accrued 3284 families’, 9229 individuals, 273 families a month

How to Donate to the Free Store

Donations of clean barely used clothes/shoes of all sizes are appreciated.

Items are brought to Family Life Center Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM or by appointment.

Please bring items inside or place them in the white van.
Assistance is available upon request in unloading your items.

Ministry Note: Provide to the least of these, as you did for Me. 
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