Family Life Center of Greene County, Indiana

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Garden Gate

Garden Gate receives food from local gardeners, farmer's markets, local farmers, local hunters, local restaurants, bakery's and non-perishable food from organizations, churches and individuals.

Garden Gate also receives veggie plants from family gardeners to local greenhouses.

For the gardener who wants to start a garden from seed, Garden Gate provides seeds early in the spring.

Garden Gate has refrigerators and freezers plus dedicated shelving units for the food.

Food stamps barely cover the cost of canned food, box meals and milk.  Fresh food is too expensive for our families.

Garden Gate freely gives to all people who come to us.  Jesus gave freely to thousands who were hungry,  He fed them until their tummies were full of bread and fish.  Garden Gate will feed families until their tummies are full as well.

Garden Gate also provides daily a hot lunch to anyone who needs a hot meal.  This meal is fixed daily at the ministry. Examples of meals: slow cooked ham, grilled meats, ethnic dishes, cassroles, side dishes and desserts.

Ministry Note: God created a garden for His children: garden of Eden

Service Outreach: 30 families weekly.

Donate to Garden Gate

Food is received daily.  Please donate fresh dated food, fresh produce, fresh breads, and dairy & eggs.  Ready to eat meals.

Garden Gate also received glutten free items, rice based items and sugar free items.

Please glean your veggie gardens for our families.  Fresh produce is a luxury for our families.

Ministry Note: Jesus fed the thousands with a few fish and a couple loaves of bread.

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